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Your best choice !

Starting from 595 $
> installation included
> 90 days support included
Video Vision is a COMPLETE software solution for Video Club management.

Are you looking for a solid and reliable software, easy to use and that has stood the test of time? 
Do you believe that all management software for video clubs are alike?

The truth is that very few video rental softwares are offering an exceptional ease of use, a tremendous speed either on one computer or on a network while being very complete.

Video Vision offers you all the advantages without compromise
of a software that has an excellent reputation around the world.

"Choosing the right management software is
extremely important for your success!"
Video Vision offers several functions for an impeccable service at the counter while supplying the management with many reports, statistics and other control tools essential for profit optimisation. The more your software will be complete, reliable and simple to use, the more it will contribute to your success while making your life easier.
Unfortunately, plenty of softwares on the market are incomplete, unstable and much too complicated to use.
Train an employee in a very short time:
Video Vision is an extremely intuitive, simple and easy to use management software for Video Clubs of any size.
...runs well - just like on wheels!!
Hundreds of clients are using Video Vision every day in these regions
Canada - France - Switzerland
Martinique - Guadeloupe - Haïti
French Polynesia - New Caledonia
Powerful, solid and reliable:
Video Vision will easily manage an extra flow of customers like during the holidays period. This professionnal video rental software is solid and pleasant to use.

A fantastic assistant!
Video Vision offers excellent management tools to simplify your life.
We are convinced that it will become your best assistant.

Simple and easy to use:
Easy navigation among the several functions. Everything is accessible from the same program. Very user friendly - even without any experience in computers.
Your best choice:
Our company has more than 25 years of experience designing commercial custom software. Therefore, you have the guarantee of a top quality software.

«Successful installation! Splendid result!
Ultra = 1st to championship !
Really deserve a thousand congratulations from Zia.  Best regards»
Zia Farhang
Planète Vidéo, Lausanne, Switzerland
« I discovered Video Vision on the Internet among 3 or 4 other video software for video club. Video Vision is by far the most complete. 

I analyzed all of these softwares for more than a month. I finaly found a system conceived to really make life easy for all my employees. Thank you! »
Sébastien Raboin
Ciné Vidéo Club Rimouski..since 1982
« Video Vision! a software both simple and sophisticated. It gives me the efficiency and the preformance I expect from a management tool. »
Rocco Graziosi
Club International Vidéo Film, Laval
« An happy team work that last since nearly 15 years already; at a time where a 20 meg. hard disk was a very big capacity. A video software very pleasant to use that has been able to follow the hardware evolution and that gives us a great peace of mind. In the worst situations (very rare) it repair itself or with assistance in a jiffy and although we are 7 hours on the road distant from Programmation Ultra, we are just as close to them as the telephone and modem. 
Their service and availability are top notch. The statistics lovers will be delighted. All in all, very satisfied!»

Pierre Brassard -o- Club International Vidéo Film, Rouyn-Noranda

«I'm writing to you just to tell you that your software works very well and that it gives me full satisfaction. Thank you and have a nice day »
Daniel Raymond -o- Pohenegamook Info-Vidéo, Pohenegamook (Québec)
«...the software is working super well and is very easy to use by all the employees.»

Brigitte -o- Dépanneur de la Faune, St-Jérome, Québec, Canada

Wow! Quelle surprise! A true story: 
What a terrific speed!
September 2000: The video club Vidéo 1er-Angers, in France near Paris, had to rebuild all indexes after a computer problem. That process is not an easy task with a database of more than 37000 customers, nearly 7000 film titles, plus all the current transactions. Their previous software would keep them off using any computer for many hours while the repair process was running. Their new video rental software Video Vision- installed since only a few weeks - is facing this critical situation for the first time. Everyone in the store is crossing fingers, and they start the process while preparing in the expectation of a very long wait.

BUT, imagine their surprise when they saw their new software Video Vision complete this very same previously long process of reindexing all files in less than 28 seconds!! 
Wow! You can call that performance!
June 2004 : This store has now almost 70,000 customers. They recently upgraded the main computer to a 2.8 Ghz and the whole reindexation process is now done in less than 8 seconds

One does not improvise a complete management software for video club

"We spent many years to fine tune this software 
in order to offer you a video rental software that is 
complete, poweful and very easy to use."

See what our customer say.
"The cost of the software worth largely the investment." - Vidéo Fripon, Canada
"Performance and ease of use. Furthermore, what a quality/price report/ratio!" - Vidéoclub PLEIN-ECRAN, Switzerland
"...nerver saw a software so fast. Everything is instantaneous. This is unbelievable!" - Jeux Vidéo PlayGround, Canada
"Congratulation for your program... complete and that gives a total management" - Star's vidéo-club, Switzerland (2 video-clubs)

Order before noon and receive this new great software the very same day.

Your software is delivered by Internet. It then install itself automatically on your computer - would you be located anywhere in the world. Isn't that wonderful? No postal delivery delay, no need for an on site technician, no waiting for meeting synchronisation and no installation fee.
(...to order now, click here)

More testimonies! . .
«Congratulation for your program, that I find complete and that gives a total management, for the rentals and also for the sales of miscellaneous products and mostly for the editing of the bar codes (this is too much!). I must also state that it is the first time that I find a programmer that understand me and this, is very important.»
Star's vidéo-club - Switzerland (2 stores)
« Video Vision is more complete than my previous software. It is also much more easier to use. »
Simard Musique, Roberval, Lac St-Jean

«...we find your software fantastic...» 
Habis Loto Vidéo Club - Guadeloupe

« The user (a student) say she is delighted by the software... this software has been bought for the student association. She state that if she had a video club, she would not hesitate one moment to get Video Vision. It is very user friendly, easy to become acquainted with and very well conceived. »

CÉGEP de Saint-Hyacinthe (Québec) - Canada

«Happy to find you back "Big Chief". I insist to thank you for your patience and your professionalism. It was a real pleasure to work with you. There is no doubt in my mind now that I will definitely adopt Programmation Ultra for all my other futur projects mainly when I will have to buy a management software.»

Orion Vidéo Club - Haïti

« I use the Video Vision software since several months. I am plenty satisfied both at the performance and the ease of use. Furthermore, what a quality/price report/ratio!! »
Vidéoclub PLEIN-ECRAN - Switzerland
«... nerver saw a software so fast. Everything is instantaneous. This is unbelievable! I don't know how you can do that.»

Jeux Vidéo PlayGround, Saint-Hyacinthe (Québec) - Canada

Brief history:
Video Vision takes over the first software PC-Video that was created in 1985 for the more modest needs of the video clubs of that time.

Video Vision is now up to date to the needs of Video Clubs of any size with the most important features: 
flexibility, a great speed, numerous functions and a great ease of use.

"The best tools will give the best results"

By using this solid, reliable and simple to use video rental software,
you simplify your life and your employee's. You quickly obtain
all the information indispensable for an excellent management of your business.
And, as a bonus, you will get better served customers. Can we ask for more?

Note that Video Vision will execute on your old computer just as well as 
on the fastest Pentium, with DOS or Windows 95/98/NT/2000/Me/XP

 Main features
  • PIN keaboard management
  • Powerful Reservation System
  • Rental fee automatic calculation
  • Warning on customer aniversary date (if desired)
  • True Product and Services management
  • Fast correction on exceptionnal prices
  • All reports are available directly on screen or to the printer
  • Excellent Late dues management and Accounts Receivables system
  • All sales and rentals operations from the same screen
  • Bonus Points management (applicable to rentals and/or to products/services)
  • Price List Grid: by rentals order or by price categories
  • Search Film Titles by Actor(s), Producer or extract of a title
  • Rental frequency report by Titles and by months (last 12 months)
  • Management of temporarily unavailable cassettes (broken, in repair, loaned, etc...)
  • Three lines of Special Notes on each customer file always visible during invoicing
  • Anything is payable on the same invoice (rentals, late fees, account receivable, discount)
  • Have a better control with an Exception Report and a cancelled invoice tracking
  • Warn if the social security number or phone number exist in another customer file
  • Bar code printing directly from your receipt or report printer
  • And much much more...!

 Some screenshots (Copyright protected everywhere)
Main Menu
Title Search Sales by Departments
Sales and Rentals Comparative Sales by Periods

 Hardware needed and optional
Video Vision runs on any computer under MS-DOS or Windows 95/98/NT/2000/Me/XP.

You can begin with a very modest PC type computer and our software Video Vision - you will already get impressive results! No need to buy the latest most powerful computer on the market and spend a lot  - since this software Video Vision will be very fast even on a modest computer

But if you already own a powerful computer, you can also use Video Vision without problem: everything will almost be instantaneous, even if your database has great number of customers and Film titles.

The report and receipt printers must be PARALLELS
Your printed reports: 
Use a matrix PARALLEL printer. It is made for that while being very economical to use.
Also note that the Video Vision software can support 138 parallel printer models.
Have a preference for Epson or compatible printers.

To print a cash receipt: 
Use an Epson 40 column PARALLELE printer.
Printers have a tendency to change rapidly -  ask our opinion BEFORE you buy.

Please, avoid inkjet printers for your printed reports!
These printers are not made to print long reports - if you still use these, it will cost you a fortune in ink cartridges.

Please note that we support parallel printers only.

Video Vision also supports all kind of accessories that makes your life easier 
and improve your customer service like;

  • bar code readers
  • cash-drawers
  • receipt printers (matrix or thermal)
  • PIN keyboards
 Data transfer
If you actually use another software, Programmation Ultra can transfer and convert your actual 
data into Video Vision format for an easier transition. 
The cost vary between 250$ to 500$ Cdn (170 to 350 euros) based on the difficulty and the number of files involved.
 Why Video Vision ?
Video Vision offers you the peace of mind of a software that is solid, safe, simple and easy to use.
Moreover, this software is backed by a company with more than 25 years of experience in commercial custom made softwares.

Video Vision is regularly improved since more than 20 years to make certain it is up-to-date with the changing need of video clubs.

Video Vision protects your investment by giving you later the opportunity to update to a higher level of capacity (Customers, Film Titles or to a network) by paying only the difference plus a low update fee.
All your data are kept intact.

Video Vision is very complete. You have all the necessary tools for a precise management of the Rentals, the late returns and also the reservations. You can also sell products and services while keeping a permanent inventory of your stock. Several statistic reports are available and an excellent follow-up is made on accounts receivable and late return dues from your customers.

Video Vision is easily learned. So, you can quickly train a new employee.
This advantage is important in a commerce where personnel turn over is quite frequent.

 Boost your income and profits - almost effortlessly
Here are a few tools - integrated in the software Video Vision - that will allow you to easily raise your revenues and your profits. You just have to use them! 
  • Reservation System: many customers reveiled to us they raised significantly their income since they offer this service to their customers. A powerful reservation system in entirely integrated in the software.
  • Instant Promotion (c): this function allows you to stimulate the rentals on special event days or on calmer days. When this function is activated, each customer renting a cassette wish hopefully to be chosen randomly by the computer to win a special prize or a free rental at his next visit. The number of winners and the prizes are set by the management.
  • Bonus Points Management: this function is also part of the Customer Loyalty Program. When activated, this function automatically cumulate Bonus Points on each buy and then to exchange these points against free rentals or other special prizes. To stimulate more the rentals during the calmer days, it is possible to apply a points multiplicator. Always raise a lot of interest over the customers. Promotes and stimulate customers visit. 
  • Inventory Movement: these varied sales compilations on product and services establish with precision the profitability on each item. It then becomes very easy to concentrate on the most cost effective items.
  • Late dues Management: an excellent late returns management is essential. An important part of your income is in stake here. The faulty customer will soon realise your excellent organization, thanks to your software, and will much more encline to pay.
  • Accounts receivable Management: accounts receivables are different from late dues and much be accounted separately. Here is an exemple to illustatrate this difference. A good customer is at the counter to rent a film but he sees a DVD reader that you put on sales yesterday.  He would like to get it but only brought the money for the rental. You know the client and he tells you he will come back in a few days to pay you. Instead of slipping a note jotted on a small piece of paper, Video Vision software can manage this account receivable very easily. Just as it will be easy to manage another client that has a little less money to pay his purchases.
  • Price Automatic Switching: any commerce has lower periods. One trick that can be used is to announce lower rental prices on certain days to stimulate the rentals. For example, if you want to offer special prices every wednesdays between noon and 4:30 pm, the software will change his price grid automatically for this period. This function can activate itself on any day of the week for a designated period.
  • Profitability by Categories: the film-lovers craving for certain types of films can vary a lot from region to region. Or even from two stores a few blocks away from one another. This precise revenu report by film categories will surely guide you towards the most judicious buying choices to optimize your profits. For example, it is needless to buy fiction films if your customers are not interrested by this kind of category - with talking numbers. But if your customers are craving for drama and comedy movies you will invest in these categories with certainty.
  • The electronic watchdog (REX): REX is your best informer about any inhabitual activity in your store anytime you are replaced by an employee.  Fourteen critical operations are constantly monitorized like the unauthorized deletion of an account receivable, a customer file or an invoice. Or, the unlocking of a customer file that you had previously blocked.  Only the owner can print or erase these informations when he/she wants. This function is extremely efficient to watch the employees. Allows a close watch of the boss's interest.
These tools, and many others included with the software, will help you to concentrate naturally towards the important activities of the store that promotes a maximum of profitability.
 Windows or MS-DOS software?
Yes, this is an MS-DOS software, but see for yourself the many benefits.

No need for a mouse to operate the software.
This is a high quality, solid and reliable software.
Fonctionnal under MS-DOS just as with any version of Windows.
Fast execution speed even on a less powerful computer (saves money).
This software believe it is a windows software: it has plenty of windows.
We assure you that you will be impressed by it's great execution speed.
Colored and alive screens - instead of the habitual grey screens of windows softwares.
Clear letters and numbers much easier to read than the majority of window's softwares.
Stable software not influenced by the "weaknesses" of Windows - as opposed to "pure" windows softwares.

Can you tell as much of a "pure" Windows software?

 Video Vision - the price is right!
If You believe that a "cheap small software will do the work" ? Good luck!

But you could also regret it bitterly. Let me tell you a true story. 

A few months ago, a potential customer asked us several questions about Video Vision.
Our replies convinced him soon to buy our software.

A few weeks later, he called back to tell us how delighted he was with the software and also that he was very much impressed by its overall speed. 

He then revealed to us that he had to throw away the previous software he bought right into the garbage - that he had paid a few hundred dollars. This inexpensive video rental software had many strange behaviors and lack many indispensable information reports - things that he did not see when he tried the demo but discovered after he had entered several hundred customer and really start rolling the business.

And, this is not all, he had to re-enter in the computer all the customers and all the films that were previously entered. He also revealed that he would have liked to discoved Video Vision well before so he would have started on the right foot. Today, this customer is part of our happy customers.

Start right away with a complete, reliable and easy to use software like Video Vision from Ultra.

Choose a video rental sofware that stood the test of time

Often, at the beginning, one knows not much of the rental business and think that most video rental softwares are nearly the same. Then, one search for the less expensive, this is normal.

Except that one must not forget that the number of data raise everyday: new customers, new titles, new rentals, several history cumulatives, the sales journal and so on.

The more the information augment in the computer, the more pressure you put on your software.
Often have we seen competitor softwares that works quite well at the beginning with few data BUT the performance of any request is a pitty just a few years later with more data.

A network raise the challenge bar higher.
Some softwares (DOS or Windows) works quite well on one computer - but as soon as they are used on a network that becomes catastrophic.

And above all that, the challenge is even worse on heavy trafic days like the holyday period.

You know, any serious video rental software does not improvise itself.
Thousands of work hours are necessary to its conception and the several updates to be well up-to-date with the need of the customers. One must strengthen, refine and optimise contantly the software - like we did with Video Vision - to make sure the software will be the simplest possible to use while beeing very fast and reliable in all circumstances.

Too many times have we seen a competitor's software crashed while the store is full of customers. 
Can you imagine the clerks panic? And with good reasons.

Some will recognise themself here and know very well what we are talking about since in the majority of these situations, one must rebuild all indexes. And since these software are neither reliable nor optimized, they habitually take a very long time to reindex the damaged index files. Sometimes several hours. 
Ho! the salesman "forgot" to tell you about this little detail? Strange, isn't it?

But you will never experience any of these problems with Video Vision because this software is conceived to support very big quantities of data and will keep its impressive speed even if you use it in a network and that all users works at the same time

Would you like a concrete example?
Imagine that you finaly decided to change your old software and that you are using Video Vision since many months without any problem. 

Also suppose that your data contains approximately 7000 film titles, 6000 customers, 700 products/services, three years of rentals history by titles, by cassettes and by customers, 50 reservations, a daily sales Journal cumulated since more than 10 years (transfered from your old software), a data register of 6700 lines of information on the late returns due, a register of 2200 lines of information on the accounts receivables, all the current cassettes on rental and several other information files. Thirty nine (39) files in all.

And, one day, a very unusual situation forces you to rebuild all your indexes.
Obviously, it happens when you have all these customers at your counter - and you recall that this procedure was taking many hours to complete with your old software. You then pull a long face and start the total reindexation procedure asking yourself how long it will take with this new software - particularly that it contains more information than your previous software.

By the time you turn your back to begin making your rentals by hand and you hear a Bip telling you that the full reindexation process is completed. The timer indicate less than 12 seconds
I can imagine your amazement.

This execution time has been truly realized on a simple Pentium 450mz computer with Windows 98.
Any more recent computer - hence faster - will execute the process much faster.
That you can call performance! No more waiting.

Wouldn't you to use such a software in your store? Nothing easier! 
Just order below and Video Vision is yours in less than 24 hours after payment.

Obviously that a professionnal software like Video Vision is usually slightly more expensive at buying time because any complete and high quality software demand much more work to develop. But you will end up as a winner, since this software has all you need to optimize your profits every day.

Do not forget that your needs will change with time. You will need more reports and statistics to be able to manage your video club efficiently - therefore... choose a good software system right at the beginning that contains all you needs.

"A well planed software like will reduce your workload
significantly every day. Trust our experience."

One of our customer easily manage more than 70 000 customers on a network of 5 users with our software Video Vision.

Conclusion? Huge or small, your video store can use this very same solid and reliable software.
And you will have the guarantee that, whatever your growth, this software will grow faithfully with you.

Your best choice

Hundreds of video stores are already using Video Vision from everywhere in the world since several years.
Why are these users so excited about this software? Very simple.
Video Vision deliver what it promises; reliability, simplicity, unmatched power and is a very complete software system.

Invest in a sturdy system

Never forget that you will use this management software everyday - and during several years.

We have built Video Vision based on our long experience as commercial software designers since 1979.
Therefore, you know you can rely on a high quality professional software.

We often hear that most commerces are closing during the first five years of they existence.
What will you do if you have a serious problem and that the company from whom you bought the software does not exist anymore? We believe that you must take that in consideration in your buying decision.

We are conscious that nobody nor any company is fully protected from bad surprises, but we believe that a mature company with more than 25 years of existence has already solved many problems and has good chances to continue its growth many more years.

Then, put all the chances on your side.
Believe our experience, aim for a high quality software right at the beginning for as low as 599 $ CAD.

More than a rapid service

Video Vision probably has the most reliable functioning rate of the industry while being simple to use.
Very few softwares pertain to this category.

But if, by mistake, a computer breakdown or a hard disk failure damage the data, many tools are incorporated to repair these data.

This type of situation is very rare with Video Vision. But, if it happens, those tools can repair the problem in 99% of the time - and in just a few seconds only.

And for the supreme unexpected situation, expect a very fast reply from us.
And always with a solution.

How can anyone ask for more?

Order your Video Vision software below with confidence..

Choose one of the four versions available according to your specific needs.
Main characteristics Version Micro Version Mini Version Maxi Version Multi
Maximum number of Customers / members 600 1200 illimited illimited
Maximum number of different Titles 600 1200 illimited illimited
Maximum number of Cassettes (1 to 99 by Title) 59 400 118 800 illimited illimited
Maximum number of Products / Services 99 999 9 999 9 999
Number of simultanious users (network) 1 1 1 2 to 9
Rentals and Sales of Products/Services
Advanced late returns management
Powerful Reservations System
Accounts receivable management
Bonus Points management
Instant Promotion
Several reports and statistics
Blazing execution speed !
Prices Version Micro Version Mini Version Maxi Version Multi
Prices in Canadian $ currency* 595 $ 1195 $ 1795 $ 2595 $
Price in Euros € 435 € 877 € 1322 € 1910 €
Installation Fee 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00
Shipping & Delivery Fee 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00
Action  Order now!
*Outside Canada : NO TAX added.
*Canadians      : tax(es) will be added according to province. 
Also included with this system
o 90 days free support** included with the first licence
o Accounts receivable detailled management
o Powerful Reservations system
o Products and Services sales and management

**Support available everyday from 9 am to 10 pm (local time) 
  including the week-ends and holidays, by emails or telephone.

Recall: Any version can eventually be upgraded to a higher level by paying only the difference plus 150 $ CAD for the update module. All data are kept intact, only the limits are modified.
To get the equivalent prices in any currency in the world :.click here

Do you have any question?
Do not hesitate to contact us by clicking
We will reply as soon as possible.

Free Demo download

New version 7.20 - 32 bit! (faster with Windows XP)

The latest version is an all Windows version
Would you like to test a demo already containing some data ?
Then just click here  to get the instructions immediately by Email.

Your very best choice. Period.

And last, remember that this software is an important investment for your success.

Also, this software is well known for it's ease of use. I smile when I recall a client that is proudly helped by his 9 years old daughter in his video club... she does the rentals, the returns and she loves that - isn't that the best proof that this software is easy to use?

To get this Reliable, Easy to Use, hassle-free software!

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